Version 2 of the form, based on current Bb Outcomes Goal Schemas, is in development. Check it out at

Blackboard Learn Goals XML Generator

This form generates XML files that can be imported into Blackboard Learn for use with Goals, based on the documentation at, and assumes that you know something about Goals, Benchmarks, Standards, etc.

Here's a Sample excel sheet and the generated XML.

You can export goals using the goal exporter B2 from

I find useful for converting XML goal items into delimited text.

Note: One standard CATEGORY per import file. I recommend using Excel to organize and generate the item data.

Updated Aug 19, 2016 - the XML now generates a file that will be in the SYSTEM Source list. The ORGANIZATION input is ignored.

Document Data

Organization Information

Goal Set Information

Goal (Item) Information

Format: one benchmark per line, TAB delimited (copy/paste from Excel), in the following order: